Estate Planning

We will work with you to draft an estate plan tailored to you, your estate and your beneficiaries. Whether you require a relatively basic Will or need more complex tax planning, we will help determine what is most important to you and to plan for incapacity, your loved ones, and transferring assets.

Last Will and Testament

In drafting your Will, we work with you to identify your wishes for the distribution of your property and to determine the appropriate person to serve as your Personal Representative to handle your estate. If you have minor children, a basic trust can be created and guardians can be nominated to care for your children. Depending on your needs and assets, additional trusts and provisions can be included.


Trusts can be beneficial to protect assets, protect privacy, minimize potential tax liability, prepare for incapacity and avoid probate. We can discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a trust to determine if one is appropriate for you.

Health Care Directive with HIPAA waiver

The Health Care Directive is particularly important for times of incapacity. This document allows you to name someone as your health care agent to have the authority to make a wide range of critical medical and mental health decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. This document also allows you to be clear about your own health care preferences such as life support, pain relief, and selection of doctors. The directive includes a HIPAA waiver so that your agent may obtain access to your medical information, when the need arises.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is another document that is important for times of incapacity and for times you are unavailable due to extended travel or work. This document allows you to name another person to handle your assets and sign documents on your behalf when you are unavailable. The Power of Attorney is effective immediately but can be limited to when you are ill or incapacitated.

Letter of Beneficiary Designation

For easy and effective administration of your estate, we will create this document to ensure that the wishes in your Will are followed by any policies in which you make beneficiary designations, such as life insurance policies and retirement accounts. The information provided for your Last Will and Testament will be used in drafting this document.


  To learn more about estate planning topics, please visit Epilawg, a website with in-depth resources on all matters related to estate planning, such as wills, trusts, incapacity planning, insurance and investments, tax, and real estate.